Open-Source Threat Intelligence

Feisty Fox Security specialises in the delivery of threat intelligence and open-source intelligence services and the development of software in this area. Our open-source intelligence offering can be used across a wide range of issues such as cyber threats, dark web deep dive activities, security and threat assessments and industrial espionage.

Feisty Fox Security can offer a wide range of capabilities and services to help identify and protect organisations from relevant threats including:

  • Intelligence Consulting:

  • Open-Source Threat Intelligence Monitoring – ongoing monitoring of threats facing your organisation. This is sector and organisation specific threat intelligence which informs your operations of specific threats that could cause a disruption to your business. This is not generic threat intelligence which may or may not be relevant to your environment.

  • Open-Source Assessments – Our Open-Source Assessments (OSAs) highlight the exposure of your ICT environment and the personnel that manage the environment. Our OSAs also demonstrate how a threat actor could use this information to compromise your network.

  • Investigation Support – Our personnel can help provide support to your organization’s investigations. This could take the form of a full investigation or lead generation which is then handed over to your investigators.

  • Intelligence and Security Training:

  • Open-Source Tools – Our subject matter experts can provide advice and training on the tools which can be used to best support your organization’s requirements.

  • Open-Source Techniques – Our personnel can provide the most up-to-date training to your organisation to enable them to leverage open source intelligence effectively.

  • Managed Services:

  • Intelligence planning, collection and analysis;

  • Intelligence alerts and advisories;

  • Intelligence reports;

  • Data leakage reports; and

  • Investigation support.